The Catholic Church is quick to point to Peter as the primary Apostle, and thus the Roman See (even though there is no Biblical evidence whatsoever that Peter was a Bishop over Rome) is authoritative over other Apostolic Sees. However, as Protestants the only question we can ask about this is "Does this line up with what Scripture Presents?"

Hello, I am a resident of the greater Boston Area. I heard what you did today, and I will be honest with you, my initial reaction to your heinous crime was disgust, anger, and hatred. That's because just like you, I'm a sinner who desperately needs a savior. As my wife and I rushed home to the relative (perhaps illusory) safety of our apartment  my mind began to think of all of the people who you hurt, some of whom you killed. Men, women... children. People who were just trying to celebrate a day where we overthrew those who were oppressing us to give way to freedom, ironically... probably the same kind of sentiments that are going to end up driving your reasons for doing this. I became angrier and angrier.