Most Protestants are familiar with the five Solae of the Reformation, but what many are not familiar with are some of the supporting doctrines that dogmatically support the big five. One such doctrine is the Perspicuity, or clarity, of Scripture. It is commonly misunderstood, and I wanted to shed some light on the topic.

An excellent video answering this common straw-man argument by a member of the Calvinist Corner.
Here is a paper I wrote recently regarding the parallels between the Atonement theology of De Incarnatione Verbum Dei by Athanasius and Reformed Double Imputation. Enjoy!!!

Alright, bear with me on this one... it's a thought in motion.

I've been reading a lot of Karl Barth lately. Reformed folks... don't panic! I still believe that the Bible is the Word of God, I'm not a universalist, and it was originally Karl Barth who lead me to Reformed theology, I sincerely doubt that it will be Karl Barth who leads me away from it. Why reading Barth has led me to this post should become clear in a bit.

I had the honor of preaching God’s Word this morning at Calvary Baptist Church. Here is the audio recording. Enjoy.